Smith Stallion


Smith School Construction


Smith Elementary School is being demolished in order to rebuild the campus to support instruction and learning that is comparable to the district’s newest campuses.

Schematic Design Concept

Pfluger Architects, having met with Del Valle ISD leadership, Staff, community members, and Del Valle ISD Trustees, have developed a schematic building design using the feedback they gained during these initial collaborative meetings.

The schematic design elements are inclusive of, but not limited to, the following:

Schematic Design Concept Elements:

  • Both schools will have a one-story floor plan but could have different finishes or materials to make them unique from one another.
  • 800 Student Functional capacity / 1,000 Student Architectural capacity
  • Approximately 99,600 square feet overall
  • Grades served: Pre-K through 5th grade
  • Separate drop-offs for autos and buses
  • Covered canopies at drop-offs for shade and inclement weather
  • Two playgrounds (age-appropriate)
  • Secured outdoor spaces with fencing
  • PE play area near the gymnasium
  • Landscaping will be minimal and easily maintained
  • Courtyards will consider shade, security, and access to make them more usable to students and staff
  • Furniture will be age-appropriate to allow for the flexible use of space
  • Library, gym, and cafeteria should be easily accessible after hours without giving access to the whole school.  This includes access to toilets.

Smith Elementary Schematic Design Concept